By Kaden Stephens

This week, I am posting the fine art pictures I was able to capture during my trip to Bannack Ghost Town. While I was there, I surprised myself with the pictures that I was able to capture. Here are five of the fine art pieces that I thought turned out amazing: 


I was able to capture this image in a naturally lit room by a window. The subject was a glass angel that reflected the light from the window beautifully. When it came time to edit, I tried something different. I lowered the exposure and altered the subject to have a more blackened appearance. This gave the piece a more sinister tone that I found to be very interesting. I’m super excited with how it turned out. 


This next photograph was taken of a shallow pond just behind the abandoned buildings of the ghost town. I used bracketing to capture three different exposure levels that I could merge in editing. The still water created an awesome reflection of the trees and sky. 


This next image was of an abandoned truck that sat in the middle of an empty field. Again, I captured this image using bracketing to show all the shadows and highlights of the scene. During editing, I was able to enhance the colors and textures of the image. You can see how big of a difference editing made with this picture.


This next image was of a broken wagon wheel. The old wood had amazing textures that I wanted to capture in my photo. Initially, the image came out a little dark, so I edited in a higher exposure to enhance the details.


Initially, this next image appeared very plain and boring, and I wasn’t intending on including it. However, As I went in and began editing it, I was surprised by how beautiful this simple scene could become. In editing, I enhanced the yellow background and added some textures. Afterward, I added in some angled light beams that added more shape to the image. Once it was done, I was surprised by how striking the image turned out.  


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