I recently had the chance to go on a photography excursion at the Buffalo River in Island Park, Idaho. The scenery was just amazing and I was so inspired to take several different shots along the water’s edge. Though I only spent a short time there, I am very pleased with the quality of the pictures I was able to capture.

The weather while we were shooting photography at the Buffalo River was amazing. I had fantastic clear skies and plenty of light in all of my shots. I was super happy with how well the sky worked with each shot. The weather was just amazing. Though the lighting was amazing, I still used a lot of bracketing when capturing my shots.


When capturing photography at Buffalo River, I used bracketing for all of my shots. With bracketing, you can set your camera to capture a shot in three separate exposures. These three shots can then be merged during editing to get the most details out of each exposure.

Bracketing is set to capture an additional overexposed and underexposed shot according to the settings on your camera. On your card, you will collect the original image and these additional two bracketed images. By having an underexposed shot, you can get a clear, well-saturated image of the sky. With an overexposed image, you can get a clear shot of all the details that are in the shade. The original image will give you the baseline of where most of your basic details are visible.

At Buffalo River, all of my photography was shot like this. This helped me later in editing to merge these three images and show more of the details of each location.

Overall, I am super happy with all the pictures I managed to capture on this excursion. I love all the beautiful scenery of the area, and I loved being able to have even captured just a glimpse of it. I encourage you to go out and try capturing some bracketed images for yourself.



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