For this week’s blog post, we are going to be looking into the design principles Татьяна Павлючик utilizes in her vector illustrations of fruits and berries.

A link to their original artwork can be found at the following link:




Alignment alone can bring focus to a specific element and keep the overall look of a design balanced. This vector illustration maintains a simple design by centering the alignment.  The illustrated berries all follow the horizontal line along the center of the page. This makes the design simple and easily understandable. The remaining elements spread from the center and frame the berries as the subject. The alignment of the yellow and cream shapes complements the positioning of the berries. This keeps the berries as the main focus of the design without creating any background distractions.


The contrast used in this design quickly directs our eyes to the blueberries. The strongest contrast takes place between the dark blue berries and their surrounding yellow shape. This harsh contrast makes our eyes immediately notice the subject. This design also uses a hierarchy in its contrasts. Since the strongest contrast will capture the viewers’ attention first, it keeps the subject of the design as the main focus of the image. As the remaining elements of the design were added, their contrast was made lower to keep from distracting from the main subject. The contrast from the yellow shape to the cream shape is still strong; however, it is less noticeable than that of the berries. As the cream shape sits in the back of the design, the white background gives it the lowest contrast. This keeps viewers’ eyes from drifting too far away from the center of the design.


The main colors of this design are complementary and improve the appearance of the illustrations. The colors that stand out most in this design are blue and yellow. When viewing a color wheel, these colors would sit opposite each other. This makes them highly complementary to each other and holds a strong contrast. When it came to choosing a background for the blueberries, the color yellow was a great option. This creates an interesting contrast that enhances the blue in the subject. When it came to choosing the third color for the background of the design, an analogous color to the yellow would create a weaker contrast that would keep the attention on the subject. The cream color became a good option as it was a smooth transition between the yellow shape and the white background. It has a low contrast between both colors and naturally directs the eye back to the area with the most contrast.


As you put all of these design principles together, you are left with a simple and effective art piece. The overall design is meant to be simple and easily recognizable. The blueberries were the main subject of the design and were continuously enhanced through the basic design principles of alignment, contrast, and color. Each principle was simple, yet continually drew the eye back to the blueberries sitting at the center of the illustration. 


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