I recently had the opportunity to prepare a fine art print for a photograph I captured of a waterfall called Moose Falls. The waterfall was set beautifully hidden in the trees, and I managed to find it during a photo excursion of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Once I had the beautiful fine art photograph, I began preparing for it to be printed.

In order to have a print, I first had to capture a fine art photograph. I had to go to the location of the waterfall. I loved the motion of the water, and I really wanted to capture that in the fine art photograph. While many of the other photographers who were with me stayed close to the waterfall, I decided it would be better if I walked a little further back. This gave me a better vantage point where I could see more of the surrounding area.

To best capture greater motion in the water, I had to set the shutter speed of my camera to be really slow. However, I had to be careful since the lighting was pretty bright. To accommodate this, I raised my aperture as high as I could and lowered my ISO to 100. This would limit the amount of light that was getting into the camera’s sensor and would keep the details from becoming too blown out. This, however, did not keep the sky from becoming completely white when it came time to edit the photograph for the fine art print.


When it came time to edit the fine art photograph for print, I put my focus into fixing the sky. It was completely blown out, so I had to replace it in Photoshop. I did this by using the sky replacement edit in photoshop and it immediately improved the quality of the photograph. Balancing the colors was also important. I balanced the colors and added more depth through dodge and burn.

I had to do a few more edits to make the details sharper in my fine art photograph print. Once the photograph was printed, the details would become softer. I avoided this in my fine art print by sharpening all of the details in the photograph. Once I got my print back, I thought it looked amazing. We had the print of my fine art photograph placed in a frame, and it is now hanging in a building on campus. I am super happy with how it turned out. I even got to have a picture taken of me standing next to it. Printing a fine art piece did take a little longer than it would for just uploading a photograph online; however, I am super happy with the results.





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