Working on group autumn fashion photography was so much fun. It was great being able to work with each model one on one, but it also got a little interesting as we started to pair up some of the models. We gave the bride a groom and the singles some friends. It was so much fun taking this autumn fashion shoot and pairing up the models into groups looks to make it more like a party.

Preparing for this fashion shoot, some other photographers and I took about a dozen models to an open venue. There, we were able to set up different booths to help each model put together different looks. In these booths, we had models dressed as bride and groom, friend groups, and various other looks. Also, since this fashion shoot took place during the onset of autumn, most of our model group attended in their warmer attire. With all the looks that we had ready, we began to group them up and get some interesting looks.


With these new groups put into place for the autumn fashion shoot, I wanted to find ways to better create a story. One way that I thought was pretty fun was giving the party girls an axe. The booth that we had set up was for three girls that were all dressed to party. I like this look, but I thought it would be cool to add in a scarier element. I gave one of the models an axe and asked all of them to make sinister faces toward the camera. This look made me think more of the teenage drama that we see all over TV series today. I thought it looked awesome and I was super happy with how it turned out.

Overall, I am thrilled with all the looks I was able to put together during this autumn group fashion shoot. I love the amount of fun I was able to have with each model, and I am happy with how all the photos turned out. Looking forward to doing it again in the future.






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