For this week’s blog post, we are going to be looking into the design principles Dallee Nam utilizes in their Finance Glass Icon Set. 

A link to their original artwork can be found at the following link:




This Icon set uses contrast to create a glass-type effect between the various pieces. The transparent portion has a harsh contrast to the dark background. This creates the glass-like appearance of the icon. The outside stroke of each element is a lighter color compared to the fill. This creates a stronger contrast to its darker surroundings while also making the edges more prominent. This slight effect also adds to making the various elements of the icon set more noticeable. If the icon set were to be placed on a lighter background, the design would not have the same effect.


In each of the icons, there is a hierarchy between the solid color and transparent portions. This hierarchy is what makes the transparent portion appear transparent. Nam is able to accomplish this by having there be a slight overlap with both parts, the transparent portion on top and the solid color portion on the bottom. This slight overlap makes the pieces look stacked on top of each other. This adds to the desired effect and guides the attention of the viewer. To make the design more noticeable, Nam included a slight gaussian blur to the area that is covered by the transparent piece. Together it adds depth to the design, making it appear more complex while maintaining a minimalistic style.


A key part of a successful icon set is repetition. In order for an icon set to be cohesive, the elements of each icon must relate to those in the entire set. Without this, the icons would not work together to convey a single message. Through the use of repetition, this icon set is both cohesive and understandable. Within this set, Nam uses color, size and effects equally for the design of each icon. Each icon is scaled to the same proportions as the other. Through this, each icon takes up the same amount of space. This icon set also uses a consistent color scheme. A final consistency is the inclusion of the solid-color and transparent portions within each icon. This great use of repetition is what makes this particular icon set stand out. The matching color gradients and styles make each varying icon more interesting to look at.


The key part of a design is to take a goal and give it a function. This is the purpose behind icons. They communicate a simple message that is easy to understand outside the boundaries of language. Nam was able to accomplish this in their icon set. Each icon, though complex in its design technique, conveys a very straightforward message. Nam, through the use of contrast, hierarchy and repetition, was able to create a stunning icon set that is both quick to communicate and impress.


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