This week, I had the amazing opportunity to go out and capture a few shots of indoor and outdoor Idaho product photography. Living in Idaho, product photography can be captured in some of the most amazing places. For these shots, I went with a group of photographers to Island Park, Idaho. While some of the products were a little difficult to photograph, the overall experience was a blast. Below are some of the indoor and outdoor Idaho product shots I managed to capture.


Capturing indoor Idaho product photography was a blast. First, a few stations were set up, each featuring a different food or product. Then, I rotated through each of them to find a fun angle that I liked. It was a blast to work with each product and find an interesting way to display each one in a pleasing way.

To make everything tie together, we used various food and product items that could help meet the Idaho theme of our photographs. To best photograph each product for the Idaho shoot, different lights were set up to help enhance each photograph’s angle. This created more dramatic lighting and creative angles that helped show off different photography techniques.



Capturing outdoor Idaho product photography shots was really fun as well. Outdoor product photography was a little more difficult to handle, however, I felt a lot more creative freedom as I set up each product in a different spot. I even managed to photograph a few product shots on the go. Nearby the cabin we were staying in at Island Park, Idaho, there was a small creek that created an amazing backdrop for some of my outdoor product photography.

For my product shot with The Ordinary skincare serums, I set them each in a shallow part of the water propped against a few rocks. The movement of the water really added an interesting effect to the background. During the shot, I also sprayed a little bit of water on the bottles. These small drops helped showed off some of the qualities of the product.

I also had fun creating a more interactive shot with my water bottle. I thought it would be awesome to get a shot of my water bottle being dropped into the moving water. To set up my shot, I first set up my tripod on a small dock above the water. I had the camera focus on the point of impact and then took several quick shots of the water bottle splashing into the water. It was a little difficult getting the timing correct, but eventually, I got a photo that I liked.

Overall, I am super happy with the product photography I was able to get. The experience was a ton of fun and I would recommend that you go out and try it for yourself. You might surprise yourself with what you are able to catch.



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