Shooting men’s autumn fashion photography was an awesome experience. I feel like we are all constantly looking for the next best outfit to put on for the next chilly season. During this photoshoot, I got to work with dozens of models to capture different marketable looks for men’s autumn fashion. Overall, I had a great time with the fall fashion shoot and was happy with the wide variety of men’s clothing and looks I got to work with.


One of my goals in this photo shoot was to capture images that I could link to a specific brand. I wanted to make my shots of men’s autumn fashion marketable. I was able to achieve this by aiming for a specific look.

The main look that I decided on in one of my shots was the brand H&M. I thought one of my models had an outfit that really tied to their style, so I took several shots to try and match their brand. After I was happy with what I got, I took it into Photoshop and began to make the small edits that could really link it to the H&M brand. After all the preparation during the shoot, the only thing I really needed to add was the logo.

Below is an example of what I managed to capture. I was really excited with the angle that I used. This made the shot feel more alive. I feel like the H&M logo really completes the look of the photo.

I continued working with some of the other models, and I found each of their looks to be incredible as well. Some of the outfits looked very professional while others looked more casual. In the end, both looks were extremely fun to work with. Overall, it was a great experience to take part in a fashion photoshoot.








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