Mixed illustration photography is so much fun. I had little to work with, but I still had the greatest time putting together some of my favorite pieces. I really wanted to create 04 amazing pieces that could all convey one theme. The theme that I thought would be an interesting attempt was pain.

For my “mixed media” styled photo illustrations, I used a third-party software other than Adobe Photoshop to edit my photography. I used the illustration app known as Procreate to assemble all of the photos and illustrate edits in ways that I thought were creative. I really wanted the photos and illustrations to blend well together so as to not make it look too messy.

In preparation for my mixed-media photo illustration photography, I had to set up a makeshift studio in my bedroom using a bedsheet and a lamp. I wanted a blank background that would be easier to remove during my final photo illustration edits.

In my mixed illustration photography, I wanted all of my photos to tie together. For this, I wanted only one model. I decided that it would be an interesting challenge to use only self-portraits and model for these photos myself. I had the right physique, and I thought it would be interesting to attempt this for myself.

The goal behind the theme was not to make my pieces feel depressing but to convey actual emotions that are easy to understand and relate to. I was inspired most by the natural forms of the body and how vulnerable it makes the image feel. In my photos, I accomplished this by showing the skin of my torso. I then used different positions that would create the different feelings I was trying to convey. The intention was not to be more revealing but to more clearly demonstrate the theme I was trying to create. I wanted the messages to be easily interpreted and relatable while still conveying a powerful message.







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