Portrait illustration photography was a great deal of work and fun. I had the opportunity to work with a great team that all pulled together to create an amazing project.

For all the portrait illustration photoshoots, I’d love to credit Aubrey Christiansen, Caryn Esplin, and Tiffany Savage for all of their incredible help. I had the amazing opportunity to work with all three in preparation for this project. As a team, we all played our part in finding models, preparing wardrobes, hosting photoshoots, and editing photographs. As the photo editor of the team, I took the previously captured photographs and applied edits to them to make them look more like paintings.

Once we complete this project, the images will all be used in a new BYU–Idaho course titled, Women in the Scriptures. Each of these photographs will be used to represent women of the scriptures who have set amazing examples and played important roles in the founding of the church.

The process of this entire project lasted 03 months. We all have been working together to line up photoshoots with certain models and have them dressed in the right attire. After that, I would have to take the captured images and edit them as needed. Portrait illustration photography takes a lot of time. Edits for each of these images ranged from 03-04 hours a piece. Working in the background alone lasted weeks as we had to endlessly collaborate over which fit best with the course.

To date, I have finished 09 portrait illustration photographs. It was a great experience, and I look forward to future opportunities like this one.











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