Photographing women’s autumn fashion was so much fun. Recently, some other photographers and I had the chance to work with dozens of models to capture several different autumn looks for both men’s and women’s fashion. Overall, the experience was a blast, and I even captured some great shots along the way.

To prepare for this autumn fashion shoot, dozens of models were contacted to wear different looks for the camera. Some of the models were dressed in wedding dresses, others casual, and some even dressed to party. We wanted to take these looks and make them look both fashionable and marketable. Overall, we all had a great time photographing women’s autumn fashion.


Along with photographing fashion, I also wanted to do some fashion edits as well. One area that I really thought would be fun to mess with was wedding photography. One of the models that we had was dressed in a wedding dress. This provided a perfect opportunity to work on a type of photography that is in high demand.

I worked a lot with this model to get some awesome angles that could really show off the wedding dress. Once I had the shot I wanted, it was up to my editing skills to take it the rest of the way.

I was really excited about one photo where the model was standing in front of a brick wall. There was a slight spot of light on the wall behind her that I really wanted to accentuate in my edits. I made the spot more of a pillar and used it to direct more of the focus to the face of the bride.

The light colors were also fun to work with and helped create more interesting tones in the overall look. I like the combination of warm and cool tones, so I added in more blues to the shadows and oranges to the highlights. This created interesting contrasts that balanced the entire piece. Overall, I was super happy with the final look.

The remaining looks were also a blast to work with. We worked with different backdrops and studio lighting to help create varying looks for women’s autumn fashion. Overall, I am super happy with how all of these shots turned out, and I look forward to doing this again.










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